Pass In The Night EP

by Torchbearer

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First Light 04:25
Disfigured by bitterness, consumed by hate, Enlightenment can be ours if we just learn to forgive. Release me. Emancipate yourself from the darkness that surrounds Like moths we always were drawn to a flame. Hatred lives inside you Rise up, take a stand and feel your worth. Hatred lives in our words and our actions Rise up, take a stand against this cruel world. Feel your worth, wear your scars with pride. We are the ones who are bringing the torches.
Exiled 03:49
Disgraced, exiled, with a mark on my skin which/ brands me an outcast from your utopian society. My sins apparent so you close the gates and walk away, transgressions will never be forgiven. How far must one man go to be redeemed? How far can one man fall and still be saved? Hopeless, despondent, No place to rest my head. Hoodwinked, deceived I thought you had my back and I had yours. My friends, my brothers, but now you turn your face away in shame, transgressions will never be forgotten. How far must one man go? How far can one man fall? Why do you look away? Why do you turn your back?
Slaver 05:31
We live our lives in stolen moments, there was no compass to point north. It won't be long until the sun will rise, time waits for no man and least of all me. We are the ships that pass in the night, I wish we had more time. I feel as ancient as the ocean, years spent in solitary confinement. It won't be long until the night closes in, time waits for no man and least of all me.
Vultures 05:47
I can see vultures circling over my head but I am not an easy target. 40 days and 40 nights in the desert but I must stay resolute and persevere. If I'm going down, I'll be fighting 'til the end If I'm going down, I'm not going down without a fight. Each step I take could be my last but I swear you'll remember me. I can see the wolves on my trail, following my scent but I am not a lost cause yet. 40 days and 40 nights in the forest but I must stick to the path and persevere. If I'm going down, I swear you'll remember me remember me as I am now, I swear you'll mark this face and if I'm going down, I'm going down fighting.


Torchbearer are Andy Mansell, Ollie Gould, Anthony Plant, Liam Hine & Mohannad Mamoun Abdul-Rahaman Bashir Ahmed Meckey Ghuleb

Artwork by Tom Conway


released November 20, 2016

Album credits: Torchbearer

Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Sears at Titan Studios


all rights reserved



Torchbearer London, UK

Torchbearer are a brand new rock band from London featuring ex members of Tortuga and Blowgoat.

We like playing rock shows, book us -

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